There are many families that have 2 or more children. With 3 kids, it can be hard to find a place for them all to sleep at night without fear of them getting hurt. One solution is a bed rail. A bed rail attaches to the side of your toddler’s bed and helps keep them safe while they sleep. I’ve researched three different types of beds rails and this is my review of each one.

3 Sides Bed Rail for Toddlers Review


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✅ 100% Non-Toxic Materials

✅ Strong Steel Frame

✅ Comfortable to Touch, Not Easy to Tear or Remove

✅ Phthalate-Free

✅ Supports Vertical Lifting for a Secure Fit Around Your Bed Rail

✅ Can Be Used on Any Type of Bed, Including Mattress Thickness Supported

✅ Easy to Install and Operate – By Detailed Instructions No Tools Needed

✅ Easily Conceals Between Mattresses During Travel or StorageCheck Price

1. 100% Non-Toxic Materials

A toddler’s bed is often the first place they learn to explore their surroundings. That’s why it’s important that their bed is safe and sturdy, with a rail on all three sides to keep them in place. The 100% non-toxic materials used in this bed rail make it perfect for your little one, and the mattress is also soft enough to ensure they don’t get too much pain when they fall asleep.

2. Strong Steel Frame

The Strong Steel Frame of the BabyBjorn Toddler Bed Rail is perfect for keeping your little one safe and secure in bed. This frame has three sides that can be adjusted to fit any mattress, making it a versatile and reliable piece of bedding that will last through repeated use. Plus, its steel construction means it’s strong enough to keep your toddler firmly in place while they sleep, without weighing them down or causing discomfort.

3. Comfortable to Touch, Not Easy to Tear or Remove

Most toddler beds come with one central support frame that is either completely flat or has a gentle slope. This means that if your child climbs out of bed, there is a good chance they will fall to the floor. To prevent this from happening, many parents choose to buy toddler beds with three sides – one side that is slightly elevated above the other two so that if your child climbs out of bed and falls, at least they will land on their feet.

4. Phthalate-Free

Parents need peace of mind when it comes to their little ones and with the 3 side bed rail for toddlers from top-rated brand, Safety 1st, they can be sure that their child is safe and secure at all times. This bed rail comes in a variety of stylish finishes to fit any décor, and it’s made from high-quality materials that are free of phthalates – a chemical compound commonly used in plastics that has been linked to health problems in children. Phthalates have been banned by many countries as they are known to cause reproductive issues in both men and women. So if you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your toddler safe and comfortable, then the 3 sides bed rail from Safety 1st is definitely the option for you.

5. Supports Vertical Lifting for a Secure Fit Around Your Bed Rail

Looking for a bed rail that supports vertical lifting? Look no further than the 3 sided Bed Rail for Toddlers from Safety 1st. This sturdy bed rail comes with a support bar on each side that provides extra stability while your toddler is sleeping. Plus, the soft, contoured foam padding on the rails protects delicate skin from bumps and bruises.

6. Can Be Used on Any Type of Bed, Including Mattress Thickness Supported

A bed rail should be sturdy and safe, able to support the weight of an adult or a toddler. That’s why the 3 sides bed rail comes with a thick mattress pad that can be used on any type of bed, including mattresses with a thickness supported. This extra layer of protection will keep your child safe and secure while they sleep, ensuring they have a restful night without worrying about falling out of bed.

7. Easy to Install and Operate – By Detailed Instructions No Tools Needed

Parents always worry about their little ones while they are out and about, which is why the 7. Easy to Install and Operate – By Detailed Instructions No Tools Needed Toddler Bed Rail comes with detailed instructions that make installation a breeze. There’s even no need for any tools, as everything is included in the package. Simply screw it onto the bed frame and you’re ready to go. The rail has three sides so your toddler can have plenty of space to play safely without worrying about falling off the bed or getting hurt in any way.

8. Easily Conceals Between Mattresses During Travel or Storage

If you’re looking for an easily concealable bed rail to keep your toddler safe while traveling or storing, then the 8 sided bed rail is perfect for you. Because it consists of three sides – a top side, a middle side, and a bottom side – this bed rail can be easily hidden between mattresses, ensuring that your child remains safe and secure at all times.

Reviews & Ratings of 3 Sides Bed Rail for Toddlers

Our Rating: 3.4 Out of 5 Stars

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The 3 Sides Bed Rail for Toddlers is a safety equipment designed to help keep your toddler safe in their bed. Made from sturdy materials and with easy-to-use features, this product is a great way to keep your little one safe while they sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are bed rails safe for toddlers?

The CPSC continues by advising against using bed rails with children under the age of two owing to the greater danger that they might get trapped between the rail and their bed.

Do you really need a toddler rail?

Since most children transition to beds at this age, the lower rails are easier to climb than the higher ones on a crib. As the website for What To Expect said, children have such erratic sleeping habits that railings are mostly required.

Does a 3 year old need a bed rail?

. When a kid reaches at age five, parents should take down bed railings, according Consumer Reports. Since most toddler beds can only support children who weigh 50 pounds or less, this is also about the time when most kids outgrow them.

Are bumpers or rails better?

They provide a kind and practical method of preventing the older or more self-assured youngster from getting too near to the edge of the bed. In general, bumpers are less expensive and take up far less room than bed railings. They are highly portable as well. If required, just box it up to bring to Grandma’s place.

Are bed rails the safest option?

However, accident data shows that bed rails sometimes fail to stop falls and might provide additional dangers. Poorly designed bed rails have resulted in fatalities when a person’s neck, chest, or limbs became caught in the spaces between the rails or between the rail and the mattress, headboard, or bed.

Do I need a bed guard for toddler?

Although it completely depends on how you and your kid adjust to them, bed guards are typically intended for children between the ages of 18 months and five years. Others prefer the security and safety of wearing one for much longer, while other kids don’t require one or just use it for a few months before you take it off.

What age do you use bed rails?

2 years of age

Are rail guards safe?

Crib rail guards are significantly safer than bumpers as a result. They also have another function. Rail guards shield your teething baby’s gums from the paint, wood, or other materials the crib is composed of rather than shielding them from knocks and bruising. (It also shields the crib from your child’s propensity for nibbling).

What are the alternatives to bed rails?

Roll guards, foam bumpers, lowering the bed, and utilizing concave mattresses are some alternatives that may assist prevent rolling off the bed. Particularly for those who are at a high risk of entrapment and falling, bed side railings shouldn’t be utilized as a replacement for sufficient supervision.

What age do kids not need bed rails?

By the time they are approximately 3 years old, the majority of kids can get in and out of bed on their own. If you are concerned that your kid may roll out of bed while sleeping, there is no need to remove the bed rails right once.

Do bed rails prevent falls?

There is no empirical proof contrasting the use of bedrails or any other kind of physical constraint in avoiding falls among hospitalized older individuals and not using either.

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